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Your baby is now 6cm in length and fully formed

Your baby grows and develops quickly in the first trimester. By the time you are 10 weeks pregnant (eight weeks after fertilisation) all the body parts are present, if not quite fully developed, and the placenta is fully formed. At this point, the embryo is known as a foetus. Nutrients are transferred from you to...

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You might feel some pregnancy symptoms at four weeks

During the first trimester, the changes in your hormones cause various changes to your body. As well as a missed period, you might have other early symptoms of pregnancy, including breast tenderness. You may also need a larger, more supportive bra. Your nipples and the surrounding area (areola) may become larger and darker. You may...

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The week of immediately following your last menstrual period

No, there’s no baby or embryo in sight. At least not yet — just an anxious egg and a whole bunch of eager sperm at their respective starting gates.
But in weeks 1 and 2 of pregnancy — the week of and immediately following your last menstrual period — your body is working hard to gear up for the event that paves the way for baby: the big O, or ovulation.

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