13 Signs You May Be  Pregnant – You may also Experience

13 Signs You May Be Pregnant – You may also Experience


Probably the most well-known sign of pregnancy, a missed period is an immediate indication that something’s up. But be sure to take a pregnancy test so you’re 100 percent sure: According to the Maatri – Women Healthcare, your period’s disappearing act could also be due to stress, excessive exercise, and dieting, among other factors. Image result for missed period


If your period seems abnormally light, it might not even be your period at all: “If you’re pregnant, you could experience some bleeding two weeks after fertilization and think it’s just a light period. Then, once you get to your next cycle, you’ll miss your period,” says Dr. Smriti Sparsh, EXPERT GYNECOLOGIST & Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Maatri – a Women Healthcare Hospital in Patna, Bihar.

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Because of all the hormonal changes going on in your body during the initial stages of pregnancy, you might experience bloating that’s similar to the puffiness around the beginning of your period, says the Dr. Smriti Sparsh, EXPERT GYNECOLOGIST & Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Maatri – a Women Healthcare Hospital in Patna, Bihar. But unfortunately, unlike with your period, pregnancy bloating sticks around.

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There are plenty of reasons you might feel super tired, but one of them could be that you’re pregnant. Fatigue is a sign of pregnancy that shows up very early on due to the high levels of the hormone progesterone in your body.

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Feeling a little nauseated? When it comes to being pregnant, it can happen at any point during the day — not just mornings. And, it doesn’t always make you run off to the toilet. “Women might not necessarily be vomiting, but they can be extremely nauseated especially if they don’t eat,”  Dr. Smriti Sparsh, EXPERT GYNECOLOGIST & Obstetrics & Gynecology at the Maatri – a Women Healthcare Hospital in Patna says.

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According to Maatri, it’s not uncommon to have bad headaches even just a week into your pregnancy. And the reason for your poor, throbbing head? They’re typically the result of hormonal changes, as well as changes in blood volume.

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Everyone has emotions that go up and down, but they come on hard — and fast! — once you become pregnant. “Mood swings can be common and women usually just blow it off thinking it’s from their period,” Dr. Smriti Sparsh says. “Because of the pregnancy hormones, mood swings tend to start right away.”

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Not even your bowel movements are safe from the new pregnancy hormones in your body. After conception, your digestive system tends to slow down due to the hormonal changes, leading to not-so-fun constipation.

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Being lightheaded is a super common sign you’re pregnant, and you’ll know something is up almost instantly. “Sometimes people will know that they’re a week or two pregnant because when they get out of bed and don’t eat something immediately, they’re incredibly nauseated — even in the first week or two,” Rosser says. “That’s because your body really needs those calories when you wake up in the morning.”

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Another tell-tale sign you’re pregnant is one that’s probably the least enjoyable: vomiting. Sometimes it goes along with that nausea and sometimes it doesn’t. Whether you vomit or not, you’re probably going to experience at least some nausea — experts say that between 70 and 80 percent of women do.

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You’ve probably never wondered what sucking on loose change tastes like, but some women experience something very similar in the initial stages of pregnancy. The metallic taste can come about just a few days after conception and is thought to be due to the pregnancy hormones in your body.

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Are you running off to the bathroom more times than you can even count? Frequent urination starts right after implantation and starts producing human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), the pregnancy hormone responsible for triggering your need to pee 24/7.

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If foods you used to like are suddenly making you feel sick of disgusted, there’s a good chance you’re pregnant. “You won’t necessarily have certain cravings, but you will have aversions to food — and that can happen very early on.

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